Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coming through the clouds

After bronchitis and spring break trip hiatus, I am back to the picture challenge!! (Blogging every day is much harder than one would think...I'm super impressed with people like the Pioneer Woman who often post several times a day.)

Day 12 – A picture of something you love

Today is a grey day. My roommate just informed me that rain is on the way. We spent the last week in Oak Harbor, WA where there were daily "sun breaks," meaning the sun would poke it's head out as a tease, then go right back to cloudy. I love sunshine.

I am thankful to live in Montana where the sun shines even through winter (allllll 9 months of it), and am even more thankful that winter is coming to an end, and warmer weather is on it's way, with spring, the promise of new life. To steal a line from the Beatles, "here comes the sun, do do do do!" I am a happy girl!

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  1. Many times when I see sunshine, I think of you, because I know how much you love it.