Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweet Summer

I realize that most everyone who intentionally visits here or happens to bump into this teeny blog probably already knows me, and knows at least in part, what's been going on in my life, but it has felt overwhelming with everything I could mention since the last time I posted, which incidentally was June 15th (also known as the day before I got ENGAGED!), that it's been a really long time since I've posted. Phew--long sentence!

I've had some amazing adventures and an incredible summer. First (not chronologically but in order of awesomeness), as I said, I got engaged!!!

Such excitement after the "shock and awe" wore off, as the Mister would say...
What a crazy moment that i hadn't expected at all. What an awesome man I hooked! And to top that all off, I was the biggest dork in the history of dorks that day. We love reliving's how he knew that I was unsuspecting--HA! Second, my love and I took a trip to Portland to visit some dear friends and my late Grandma. I wanted to show off my man to both and am so glad we took the trip when we did, as my Grandma is no longer with us. We had a family reunion so my man could meet more new people, my brother and his wife included in the new, got to celebrate my birthday together. Seemingly less important for blog world, but memorable and valuable in our history were dinners cooked together, shorter road trips, river floats, sunshine and laughs...sweet, sweet summer.

It is so fun to share a summer, memories, the journey with someone else. I have shared so many life-shaping memories with friends and family, in different seasons in life, but to have met the one that I have the most fun with, who I share myself most fully with, and who I look forward to shaping a future with, now that's a summer to celebrate!

So now I mourn summer's passing and dive into this season...wanting to breathe it all in, grow down deep roots as the cold weather begins to sweep over, and thank God for this precious life.

Phew! Feels good to be "caught up".