Friday, October 15, 2010

Clinging to summer

Last night I was visiting with a friend and looking through her wedding photos...11 CDs of wedding photos. I had the privilege of being [most holy] maid of honor in her wedding in August and it was so fun to relive the hot August day, the anticipation, the joy, the laughter, right down to the tired feet. So, I haven't posted for a loooooong time, and I doubt anyone follows this except friends who love me, but I wanted to post a few photos to share in the moment.

Getting the beautiful bride into her beautiful dress

Helping with the important things  :)

I think this is when I was "helping her smile" (read: "pinching her behind")

Krysty (the fantastic photographer) thought it would be funny to take the awkward "I've been smiling so long now it's uncomfortable and unnatural". Hilarious.

Hip girls with hip pockets

The groom

 Father of the bride laughing because he forgot his line...what a great shot, Krysty!

You're maaaaarrriiiieeeeedd! Yay!

Too much dancing in dyed shoes

Congratulations to you, my friends!