Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas gifting

I was going to be risky by posting Christmas gifts on the world wide web for everyone to see before Christmas, but I decided to wait. Being one who loves surprises, I always want to make sure that it goes as well as I can make it go. Since Christmas is safely gone, I thought I'd post a few pics of what handmade Christmas looked like this year...

I enjoyed watching a few friends put together their gifts including a cape for a nephew, sugar scrub for exfoliating dry, winter hands, while I sewed up some pillowcases for my soon to be mother-in-law and a friend of mine. (I got the idea on pinterest and it was super simple.)

The pillows were soooooo soft. :)

For my to-be-sister-in-law and also for my dad, I made a little journal out of some scrap cardboard and printer paper. I thought it would look so much cooler stitched up the middle instead of stapled, so I bent a few needles and bound the journals together. This is another stolen pinterest idea. I sewed a button to the front and looped around some thread sewn to the back of the journal for a cute closure.

Not photographed is the stamped initial I put on the front of both journals (it was handy that sister's first name and dad's last name initial both begin with "S"). If you do the stamp project with a letter, make sure you cut it out backward. I remembered that the hard way. ;)

I didn't photograph the t-shirt scarf I made my mom, but I did photograph the way I made a few Christmas cards and a birthday card. I have a bunch of tiny fabric scraps from Frayed Sew that are too small to do much with, but for the Christmas and birthday cards, they were perfect! I just cut out little circles and it was so easy to zip them through the sewing machine for a super cute look. I mean, 2 minute project. :)

Last but not least, and biggest undertaking for this novice, and I mean novice seamstress, was a clutch I made for my sister-in-law. I thought she'd just love the fabric and the funky combination, aside from the fact that girls just love purses anyway, right? This was my first time sewing a zipper, putting in a clasp, and sewing with interfacing. A lot of seams were ripped out and redone with all this new territory, but I was so happy with the result and excited that I actually did it!

So there's handmade Christmas 2011. Next on my crafting list is my 2011 facebook promise to handmake something for 5 of my friends (oops, I still plan on doing it, those of you who are still waiting) and also this clutch for myself....someday. Have I mentioned I love Pinterest? ;)


  1. You are awesome. Our little fabric Christmas tree from the card is now on our fridge. And did you see the scarf that Erin MacDonald sent me for the handmade challenge? Yes, I also said I would be sending 5 things in 2011... and now I HAVE to. The scarf she sent was amazing.

  2. That's awesome, Jessi! I saw the scarf, but didn't realize it was for the handmade challenge. Wow, sorry to my list of people, mine will not be that cool. :)

  3. Oh, I love all of your gifts! The clutch turned out super-cute, and the cards are simply fabulous.