Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The image

Why is it that I get stumped at the "About Me" every time? I know me, and I love words, so it shouldn't be hard to fill in a few short sentences about myself, about what I like, the "why" of a new blog.

I could ramble, I could say what I'm thinking, I could spew it all out and give the accurate picture of me. *grimace* Yet, I prefer to project the image-the smoky around the edges, photoshop the blemishes-image.

I have always desired to be a writer. A good writer. I want the words to come out in champagne poetry with the first pour. But this is not the truth. I have realized that good artists can not necessarily sketch anything they see without erasing, but instead they love to draw and give time to their craft until they begin to master it.

So this is what I am willing to do: put time into the craft of writing, to practice, to hone my skill, to present truth, to play and imagine, to fill pages upon pages to find a jewel of a thought. I don't want to wait till the words formulate just perfectly in my mind to create the "image"...the "look". Instead, I will get it out of my head, write it out with as many words as are needed, re-arrange it, pile more on top, scribble some out ...and write. Because I love writing. And someday I may become good at it.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, lady!

  2. You have always been an AMAZING writer. You had "it" way back in the day... and when I mean way back, I mean WAY BACK. And goodness knows I have known you for a long time, dear friend. Blogs are fun and great for when you can't sleep at night. Type your thoughts, dreams, hopes, nerves, whatever out and it can be truly healing. I found that out when I wrote a reflection on 2009.
    LOVE YOU! And can't wait to read more.